COVID Safety Protocols for In-person Retreats

COVID Safety Protocols for In-person Retreats

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We are delighted to officially welcome you back to Tara Mandala Retreat Center for in-person retreats starting in 2022. 

Our first priority is to protect the health of everyone who comes to Tara Mandala, including practitioners, staff, and teachers. When we reopen in-person retreats, we will be following county, state, and federal (CDC) COVID-19 guidelines that are in place at that time, and with additional significant safety protocols.  We reserve the right to update these protocols based on changing circumstances related to the Covid, public health department requirements and other CDC guidelines as needed.

During retreats, the retreat center campus will be closed to all except staff, retreat teachers, and retreatants.

Primary Safety Protocols

The following are Tara Mandala’s primary required safety protocols, which will remain in place for all in-person retreats between April – September 2022. Vaccination: All staff, teachers, and practitioners must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 two weeks or more before arrival. We will require everyone to show proof of vaccination.


  • Lodging:  Because of limited room capacity in our Prajna dorm, double rooms will remain as an option for fully vaccinated retreatants as well as yurt and camping options. Whenever possible and if the number of retreatants in a retreat is small, we will make attempts to accommodate retreatants in Prajna in single rooms, but this cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Masks:  Masks are required while inside the buildings on the land. Masks will be provided, one per day.
  • Hand Sanitizer:  We provide hand sanitizer in all buildings, and encourage participants to use these supplies.
  • Physical Distancing in indoor teaching and communal spaces: Cushions and chairs will be arranged to maintain physical distancing in the temple shrine room, dining room, and other teaching spaces to the best of our ability.
  • Showers:  In Prajna all bathroom facilities are single use and private; in the Community the shower/bath rooms are private, but the rest of the space is communal.  
  • Sick Policy:  If a staff member, practitioner, or teacher becomes sick, they will be asked to remain in their room, self-isolate and if having serious symptoms go to the hospital. If they test positive for COVID-19, they cannot participate in the rest of the retreat sessions. We will try to quarantine the individual in one of the residential housing units or in Prajna with a private bathroom and deliver food until they are medically cleared to return home. Staff will not come to work if they feel sick. If you test positive for Covid upon arrival you will be asked to leave immediately, please self test 48 hours before arrival.

Secondary Safety Protocols

These secondary safety protocols may be implemented based on current county, state, and federal requirements, emerging science, and evolving public health guidelines. Below are the current additional protocols under consideration. Whether these safety measures will be implemented (or others added or removed) will be confirmed for all staff, teachers, and practitioners as we get closer to the retreats.


  • Negative COVID-19 Test: All practitioners and teachers may be will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival.  Please bring your own Covid test to take in front of staff.
  • Daily Symptom Check: All practitioners, staff, and teachers may receive a to fill out a personal symptom checklist and may have their temperature taken by staff, if Covid conditions in the broader community change.
  • Dining Hall Capacity may be limited, please do not move furniture closer together.
  • Outdoor dining is available when weather permits.


For safety purposes, as many events as possible will be scheduled outside.

Photo by Josh Brownlee

Caring for the Community

Tara Mandala  welcomes people from around the U.S. and the world to participate in our retreats. Our intention is to include as many people as possible. We have chosen to require COVID-19 vaccination for in-person retreats. This is not a decision we have made lightly. It reflects our obligation to keep our workplace and practice spaces as safe as possible.

If you are not vaccinated, we invite you to participate in our virtual retreats and online courses to deepen your practice and connect with the community.

If you have any questions, please contact us here. Thank you for your practice and dedication to Tara Mandala.

Special Cancellation/Refund Policy Exception

To offer participants greater flexibility as we make our way out of the pandemic, we’re offering a more generous cancellation policy for In-Person Retreats:

  • We are waiving cancellation fees for covid related illnesses.  
  • Other cancellation fees would still apply for non covid related cancellations.


Please know that we reserve the right to change the protocols without prior notice to enable us to meet the health and safety needs of the community, our guests and visitors, and to comply with all local and state public health law changes, which can change weekly.

Photo by Josh Brownlee